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When someone passes away their property becomes owned by their estate. In other words, their relatives, or whomever they willed or “trusted” the house to. WE are familiar with the laws and rules that go into selling an estate owned property. Sometimes, the estate does Not have the resources to pay for the Probate Court Proceeding. This probate is needed when someone dies with no will, or trust. (in general) WEWILL PAY FOR YOUR PROBATE, so you don’t need to let lack of money or knowledge stop you from selling the property you inherited. WE can work with all members of the estate to make sure you all get what you are entitled to, and we will buy your house AS-IS. You don’t have to clean, remove furniture, trash, or make any repairs. I can help you avoid issues Estates sometimes have when selling. If this is you, I can Help…Please CALL Me.


Unfortunately, human beings age and become susceptible to disease and Illness. Sometimes its short term, and other times its very serious and even deadly. I have bought houses from people who are terminally Ill, those who needed surgery insurance would not cover, and those who had medical bills they wanted to pay off, Sometimes, people sell so they can easily leave money for their loved ones and not burden them with the sale of a house and or they want to see the joy or relief their money can bring their family and grandchildren before they pass away. I will be here for you and I will help you meet your goals, call me when life you’re ready. If this is you, I can Help…Please CALL Me.


Florida is the capital for Retirees. People not only retire in Florida, but the trend is relocation out of South Florida to other parts of the state, or across the United States to places like North Carolina, or Georgia, the Caribbean, or elsewhere. If your reason for selling is retirement. Congratulations. Who wants to work anymore right! I hope where ever you end up its beautiful and relaxing with plenty of things to get you into trouble.  If this is you, I can Help…Please CALL Me.

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