Code Violations / Liens

Code Violations

My favorite topic (not really). The government always has their hand out and is always scheming for a way to steal more of your hard-earned money or equity. They love picking on people who can’t afford to fix the problems to. They are bullies. Code Violations can be fined $50 to $250 per day, per violation. Violations are for silly stuff for not cutting your lawn, painting your house, closing in a carport for a growing family, and so on. This money fined eventually becomes a lien on the title to your house thus being a debt you owe upon selling your house. These fines can easily find their way up to $50,000, $100,000 or $250,000 and more. But don’t you worry because I will buy your house with the violations, liens, and fines! They don’t scare me. I can even help you negotiate the down and fix your property to maximize the value if you want. If this is you, I can Help…Please CALL Me.

Title Problems

Things can come up on title when selling. It happens all the time. It might be a Utility Bill that was never paid off, a mortgage that the bank never recorded a satisfaction for, another investor who filed a lien on the house because you decided not to sell to them, or a judgement against the seller or their heirs, a defect in a previous deed, a code violation lien, an open or expired permit. And many more things that can damage and encumber title to your property. I am an expert in buying property with title problems. I can either get the issue removed, pay it off for you, fix it, or have my attorney overwrite the Title Defect so we can close like it was never even there. Don’t let a title problem stop you from selling, it won’t stop me from buying! If this is you, I can Help…Please CALL Me.

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