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Weather you are a business owner, or personal property owner, I know firsthand how debt can pile up. Unforeseen life happenings can come out of the blue, and your life’s work can be put at risk of loss. I understand how the Bankruptcy Court works and how the trustee will work with you and creditors to liquidate your properties. If you find yourself in a situation whereby the court and or Trustee see it fit to sell your property to satisfy debtors, I have the cash on hand to pay you for your house, or work out other creative arrangements to get creditors off your back. It’s worth a call to see if I can help. Even if you are on a payment plan for a certain property through Bankruptcy, but you want to sell now, I might have creative ways to help you sell before you finish your payment plan. Let’s explore the Possibilities together. If this is you, I can Help…Please CALL Me.


No one like to talk about this but let’s face it. It’s part of modern day society. 50% of marriages end in divorce. If you own a house with your husband or wife, you can be sure they or their lawyer will be trying to keep the house for themselves or force you to sell it, or settle with you to sell it, so they can get the money they need or want to start over and split assets equitably. If you find yourself in a Divorce or Separation, and Real Estate is going to be sold, or it is an options you are exploring, I can help, I understand nuances of school enrollment and districts, timing of sale, how much you can ween from sales financially, and other personal aspect that you are considering when selling, and moving I can work with each spouse, Attorney , and related party to fairly and professionally facilitate the sale of your real estate. If this is you, I can Help…Please CALL Me.


I have been buying foreclosures, suing big banks, negotiating short sales and settlements, and paying or peoples attorneys so they can defend themselves against foreclosure for 10 years. I am not sure if you can tell, I do not like banks or how they treat people. I like to give them a dose of their own medicine. If you are facing a foreclosure law suit, or will be soon, I can help. My attorney and I will negotiate with your bank, or help you fight them. Even if you are upside down, and have no equity. I CAN PAY YOU CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE TODAY. No Short Sale needed. If this is you, I can Help…Please CALL Me.

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